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Bringing Clinical Renown to VGH Award: Dr. John Yee & the Lung Transplant Program

Vancouver General Hospital
Just 18th, 2018

As director of the BC Lung Transplant Program, Dr. John Yee has overseen the expansion of lung transplantation at VGH with results that set the standard for excellence nationally and internationally. Upon presenting the award to Dr. Yee, nominator Dr. Gary Redekop, head of the Department of Surgery, noted that “John truly loves his patients; the incredible success of the program didn't happen without a lot of hard work."

Dr. Yee has worked with the BC Lung Transplant Program since 2003; it is one of only four such programs in Canada and offers life-saving treatment for end-stage lung disease. Its clinical outcomes have dramatically improved over this time despite ever higher levels of risk and co-morbidity among recipients. The program performs a record number of transplants and Dr. Yee expects his team will conduct approximately 70 transplants by the end of 2018. 

Bringing Clinical Renown to Vancouver: Dr. John Yee and the Lung Transplant Program: Testimonials
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