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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers


How do I refer a patient to Dr. McGuire for Thoracic Surgery?

Referring doctors please fax new referrals to:

  • Dr Anna McGuire Fax: 604-398-8587

  • You will receive timely confirmation of referral acceptance, and the patient will be contacted with their consultation date.

  • Telephone Dr. McGuire's office at 604-875-5290 with any questions or concerns.

Who is Dr. McGuire's Medical Office Assistant (MOA)?

  • Sunita is MOA to Dr Anna McGuire.

  • You can telephone Sunita at 604-875-5290, or email at

  • MOA Sunita is well versed in the needs of Dr. McGuire's thoracic surgery patients and facilitates care.

  • MOA Sunita has over 20 years of experience working in surgeon offices facilitating care for patients in need of surgery.

Where is Dr. McGuire's Thoracic Surgery Office located?

  • We are located at the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre (DHCC) on the 7th floor, suite 7113.

  • The building entrance is 2775 Laurel Street (between 12th and 10th Avenue).

  • The closest major intersection is Oak Street and 12th Avenue.

  • Telephone Dr. McGuire's office at 604-875-5290 with any questions or concerns regarding finding us.

Click here to see the google map of our location.

Where can I find Parking for the DHCC and VGH?

There is by-the-hour pay parking: 

  • In the DHCC Underground Parking Lot off Laurel Street.

  • In the above ground 12th Avenue Parking Lot across from VGH (weekly passes available).

  • Metered on the streets around the DHCC and VGH.

How can I Donate to promote Excellence in Thoracic Surgery?

Sometimes patients ask Dr. McGuire how to make a donation of gratitude to promote Excellence in Thoracic Surgery Research or Care Delivery. If you wish to make a donation, you can do so through the Excellence in Thoracic Surgery VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation account.

You can access this online at:

Alternatively you can give Candice Tsang (604-875-5709) at the VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation a call, and they would be happy to assist you in making a donation.

Who is Dr. McGuire's Research Coordinator?

  • Carey is Research Coordinator for Dr. McGuire's Thoracic Surgery studies at the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI) and the BC Cancer Research Centre (BCCRC).

  • You can telephone Carey regarding research studies at 604-202-6266, or you can email Carey at

  • Click here to learn about Dr McGuire's Active Thoracic Surgery studies.

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